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ASUS ROG THOR 80+ Platinum 850W Power Supply


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The ROG Thor 850W Platinum, introduces innovative features including a certified 135mm wing-blade fan, OLED power display, and exclusively Japanese capacitors. With its 850-watt capacity, it holds an 80+ Platinum certification for top-tier energy efficiency. Additionally, it offers Aura Sync compatibility for seamless lighting synchronization within the expansive Aura ecosystem.


Efficiency: 80Plus Platinum (At 20%/50%/100% load AC 115V 60Hz and AC 230V 50Hz, the power efficiency is 90%/92%/89%.)

AC Input Range: 100-240Vac

Thermal Features: ROG Thermal Solution

DC Output Voltage: +3.3V +5V +12V -12V +5Vsb

Maximum Load: 20A 20A 71A 0.3A 3A

Total Output: 850W

0dB Technology: Supported. The fan shuts off entirely when the PSU is under certain load


Cable Connectors: MB 24/20-pin*1, CPU 8/4-pin*2, PCIE 8/6-pin*4, SATA *12, Peripheral 4-pin*5, Floppy*1

Package Contents:
– Power Cable x1
– Motherboard Power Cable x1 (610mm)
– CPU Cable x2 (650mm)
– PCI-E 1-to-1 Cable x2 (675mm)
– PCI-E 1-to-2 Cable x1 (675+75mm)
– SATA 1-to-2 Cable x1 (400+120mm)
– SATA 1-to-4 Cable x2 (400+120+120+120mm)
– Peripheral 1-to-2 Cable x1 (350+120mm)
– Peripheral 1-to-3 Cable x1 (450+120+120mm)
– Floppy Cable x1 (101mm)
– Addressable RGB Cable x2 (800mm)
– ROG sticker x 1
– ROG cable tie x 4
– Sleeved Cable Combs (6-pin) x 2
– Sleeved Cable Combs (8-pin) x 6
– Sleeved Cable Combs (24-pin) x 2
– Chassis Screws Package x 1
– Cable Tie x 10
– User Manual x 1

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 7.4 × 5.9 × 3.3 in


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